Comb Type

Work Principle
This system adopts comb pallets, it is a new invention by using advantages of hydraulic puzzle type and vertical tower type. It represents the highest technology in modern parking area taking advantages of big transfer ratio of hydraulic cylinders. Total height is 53520mm.

This system is safer and more reliable by using hydraulic drive; The layout of system is more flexible and better use of parking area than vertical lift parking system; This type of parking system is our new national invention in 2011 and it will be put into birth at end of 2012. It is the new refreshing system of our high levels puzzle parking system. It is a replacement system of the vertical lift parking system (tower parking system).

Main Structure

  • Steel structure
  • Comb drive
  • Lifting system
  • Hydraulic system
  • PLC control system
  • Safe-guard system
  • Monitoring system
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