Vertical Horizontal PSH5

Work Principle
This system is designed with 5 layers and multi-columns layout. Each layer is designed with a spare space as an exchanging space. All spaces can be auto-lifting freely except the spaces in the first layer and all the spaces can be auto-transverse moving except the spaces in the top layer.

When a space needs to park or release a car, all spaces under the space will make a one space transverse moving to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground, the car will go out and in freely.

Low area coverage and high usage rate of space.
The layers and columns will be added to raise the number of cars according to the customer’s requirements.

It may be designed with full-closed style to adjust the surrounding environment.
It operates steadily without noise and with fast operating speed and short parking and releasing time.

Multi-channels safety protection and series of safety protection devices for anti-dropping, anti-crashing and anti-overloading.

  • Main Structure
  • Steel structure
  • Car Pallet
  • Lifting system
  • Sliding system
  • Hydraulic system
  • PLC control system
  • Safe-guard system