Plane Moving Mechanical Parking System

Working Principle
Each storey of the parking zone is set with one shuttle, horizontally moving along the laneway. A smart carrier or comb carrier are used for exchanging vehicle between lift and shuttle. When vehicle entering in, it’s transported to the shuttle of the designated storey by car lift, and then parked on designated parking space by smart carrier.

Sometimes with limit of project budget and garage throughput one shuttle can be set for several levels in one system.

The pick-up process is done conversely.

Characteristics of the System

  • High capacity and maximum utilization of land resource;
  • Automatic parking and pick-up;
  • Optimum for garage with a long laneway and few underground storeys;
  • Equipped with safety protection device with high reliability, when partial region failure occurs, other areas won’t be affected;
  • Photoelectric safety inspection to control the parking vehicle’s specification quantity;
  • Typically no need for forced ventilation and large area lighting; computer and touch screen interface for comprehensive management, monitoring system running status; easy operated.