Vertical – Horizontal PSH3 Levels Parking System

Working Principle
The equipment is designed with multi-levels and multi-rows and each level is designed with a space as an exchanging space. All spaces can be lifted automatically except the spaces in the first level and all the spaces can slide automatically except the spaces in the top level. When a car needs to park or release, all spaces under this car space will slide to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground ,the car will go out and in easily.

Characteristics of the System

  • Optional modes of drive: Hydraulic high speed drive; Motor steel rope rolling drive; Motor gear box chain drive.
  • It adopts 7 national patents technology.
  • It has safeguard functions of over going protection and crashing protection.
  • The whole system is adopted galvanized anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Hydraulic drive has advantages of over loading protection, empty loading motor starting, saving energy and environmental protection.
  • Automatic Control System has Fault Diagnosis and display for a quick troubleshooting.