• Pit Lifting Parking System

Pit Lifting Parking System


Pit-Lifting Parking SystemWorking Principle

All spaces of top, bottom spaces are united and lift together. Usually, the bottom spaces are underground in the pit. The top level space is in the same line with the ground for cars parking in and out directly. The bottom spaces may park cars when it is lifted.

Characteristics of the System

Save land area and take full use of the underground space.
It can achieve multi-units together to raise more parking numbers.
The middle and bottom levels have functions of dustproof, rainproof and anti-theft.
This system is simple, reliable and easy to operate.
The top level may be planted with grass and flowrs to increase the green land area.
Outer packing types may be designed as full packing, half packing, simple packing or nude packing according to the customers’ requirements. No influence to buildings sharing light.